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10-Inning Electronic Scoreboard - Completed

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Farmers Insurance, Golden State Lumber, and an anonymous donor have been kind enough to fund the purchase of a new 10-inning electronic scoreboard for the right-center outfield fence. The new scoreboard has replaced the old, dilapidated manual scoreboard. Thank you very much to Farmers Insurance and to Golden State Lumber for supporting youth sports in Sonoma.

Thank you to Ed Sammon Construction for the installation. Thank you also to Pat Alcayaga, and Lunny Engineering.

Thank you to Gary Garcia at Garcia Electric for wiring up the new scoreboard.

Mangiantini Scoreboard with power

Ernie Mangianti Memorial Scoreboard

The new scoreboard and facade

The old, manual scoreboard.
Making room for the electronic scoreboard
Lowering the electronic scoreboard into place
Adding a new facade flush with the scoreboard


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